how to find version of installed npm package

Hello Node JS Dev, In this blog how to find npm install package installed in my node code. i hope this code is working fine now that your day working now properly. npm is a package manager for the JavaScript programming language maintained and handling by npm and an online database of public and called in only real-time data fetch or send..

Using express or

This is using this module after working is now real-time data fetch to from & to socket cllient register use this below.

Question: How to find the version of an installed node.js/npm package?

Run this command itself print:

npm -v <package-name>

If you get an error message run this below:

npm version <package-name>

Answer 2:

npm list for local packages get or run npm list -g for globally installed packages.

npm view <package> version

i hope How do I get the installed version? but i am helping you comment below………..

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