Email Validate in react js

Hello dev, in this post i’ll give Email Validate in react js, i explained is are all the function to solve your query email validation regux.

So, here i will give you step by step instruction of how to implement email address validation in react js app. in this example we will take name, email and another input and implement validation for require and email now. also give the error messages if they entered wrong email.


Email Validate In React Js

Let’s follow below step and you will definitely find output as below:

Step 1: Install React App for Email Validate In React Js

first step is a create react application command as below..

npx create-react-app my-validation-app

In this step i’ll create install email-validation package for the project.

Install via NPM:

npm i email-validator



var validator = require("email-validator");
validator.validate(""); // true


import * as EmailValidator from 'email-validator';
EmailValidator.validate(""); // true

Demo & code:

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